WATT, Wellness Anytime Through Technology, is a Digital Lifestyle Management Platform
designed to correct obesity and prevent its associated chronic diseases

WATT connects users to health coaches along with science-based programs, health tracking tools, lesson modules, and analytics to educate, motivate, and engage. The built-in communication system allows your staff to build relationships with your program participants and create productive interactions between visits or classes. Leveraging technology in your lifestyle management program increases user engagement and retention, enhances the efficacy of your program, and lowers overall cost of your program delivery, leading to better health outcomes and satisfaction.

WATT can be white-labeled to reflect your program's branding and customized to best meet your unique needs. It is quick and easy to integrate WATT into your existing infrastructure and deliver your program content. It is a perfect fit for weight management, diabetes prevention, and other chronic disease management programs. We serve healthcare providers, payers, and community health service organizations.

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How It Works

Program providers can add their programs into the platform that comes with built-in resources and tools. They create and manage content in the form of messages, health alerts, blog-type entries, calendar events, and news. Program educators or health coaches have real-time access to individuals' data and analytics through the admin functions. Timely support and advice can then be provided to keep participants on track and engaged in building healthier lifestyles. Class materials can be available online for those that missed a session or are in remote locations. Participants are connected to their health coaches, various health resources, and personalized events that keep them engaged between classes and after the structured program is completed.

Participants establish a profile indicating their specific health goals, health status, and preferences. Based on these profiles, customized health resources and action plans are delivered through the platform with an interactive dashboard that shows progress against goals. Health tracking tools integrated into the platform allow users to monitor their food intake, physical activity, and health indicators anytime and view analytics in real-time. Filtered event calendars keep participants informed about opportunities to participate in educational and recreational events of interest to them based on their profile. Participants can send messages to their health coaches anytime they have questions about nutrition, exercise, or general lifestyle management.


  • Promotes self-management through education and coaching
  • Creates long-lasting positive health outcomes through behavior change
  • Increases participation and retention with remote accessibility
  • Lowers burden associated with data collection and reporting
  • Reduces program delivery costs with digitized materials

Features to Make You More Productive

  • Easy to implement and integrate your existing program content
  • Content delivered digitally, meaning less printing
  • Manage resources and materials in one place
  • Real-time monitoring for timely motivation and counseling
  • Personalized action plans and progress monitoring
  • Integrated HIPAA email for individual and group messaging

Features to Engage Your Audience

  • Program materials can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
  • Tracking for food intake, physical activity, and goal progress
  • Personalized health resources for nutrition, diet and exercise
  • Comprehensive dashboard for data and analytics
  • Integrated communication tools for instant feedback and support
  • Community events calendar and social sharing forum
  • Customizable reward and incentive programs

Implementation Services

Health & Wellness Innovations will work with you every step of the way. We can support your information technology and health care professionals on customization and integration tasks to provide any level of support that you require.

WATT™ is built in a modular fashion with many customizable features and functions that can be turned on, off, or modified. We perform a thorough review of the entire platform with you to understand how the platform will best suit your user population. For example, there are many ways to calculate incentives and reward point systems.

Once the requirements have been defined, we can quickly customize software to perform to your specifications. The WATT™ platform can be “white-labeled” if you prefer to offer it as your own product with your own branding. Users will access the platform through a custom web portal with sign-up/sign-in screens configured to your needs and, in some cases, integrated into your existing enterprise platform structure.

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Health and Wellness Innovations will provide various levels of product training for health professionals and users. Custom promotional materials and videos can be provided to help launch the platform and engage the user population.

Health and Wellness provides ongoing software maintenance to keep your platform up-to-date with the latest features and functions, performance updates, software improvements, and post-installation software customization. We can also provide help desk support.

About Company

Health & Wellness Innovations, Inc. is a digital health solution provider that empowers organizations to provide connected health. We partner with forward-thinking healthcare providers, payers, and community service organizations to improve the health and wellness of their populations. Our robust online and mobile health platform, WATT, enables our clients and partners to enhance their program delivery and outreach, making the program accessible and scalable.

Our Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to help organizations reduce obesity and its associated preventable chronic diseases through science-based innovative digital health solutions.


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